Toys and Gadgets
"Seriously - thank you - this was truly a blessing that someone was as concerned about our kid being happy as much as us!
Not many people like that in the world."

The toys and gadgets you see below are some examples of the projects I have made. Find out what Casco Bay Studios can make for you! Email me (Ben) with questions or inquiries at cascobaystudios at

Super Electro Lift 2000
Toy Elevator

“Thank you for making my son’s dream elevator!
It’s AMAZING! Ben is genuinely kind —

we had a wonderful experience!”
Julia W.
Toy elevator that goes up and down

Two-story elevator complete with buttons, car, counterweight, moving steel doors and excellent whirring sounds! Powered by servos and stepper motors, this is a must have for any serious elevator enthusiast.

Email me at cascobaystudios @ gmail dot com for details, and for a cost estimate. The turnaround is 2-3 months. Check out the video below with over 180,000 views!

Or, build one yourself! I made an Instructable for it at

Super Lego-Scalator 900 LEGO Escalator MOC

This is a functioning LEGO escalator MOC (My Own Creation) that goes up on one side, and down on the other. This was a custom project for a client, but I did create a top secret instructions file, which may or may not be for sale. Email for info! cascobaystudios @ gmail dot com.

It is powered by a Power Functions M motor, and uses about 650 pieces.

LEGO escalator right side view
Right side view showing the Reverso chain
(that's not really a Thing)
LEGO escalator
Left side view showing the Power Functions motor

Mission Control Playbox

The Space Shuttle Program was one of the most successful NASA projects ever. The program has been scuttled, but the excitement lives on, with the Casco Bay Studios Mission Control Playbox! 

It is a “light and switch” box, with some fun knobs, switches, and buttons, and of course lots of LEDs. It has a countdown clock which “launches” the space shuttle when the time hits 0.

It can be customized in many ways, The original was a box with a lid, and lights and sounds, but Version 3 has no lid or sound, but features an upgraded countdown timer with animations. Each one also features mission stickers featuring your last name.

Fun fact: There have been scores of space missions and hundreds of astronauts, so your name is likely shared by one of them. If not I can photoshop it!

Below is a video of Shuttle Mission Control Mark I in action.

Super Arcade Battle Station

Put a quarter on top of this bad boy to call “next game!”

This is the big daddy of my homemade arcades. It’s just like the old arcade cabinets in Barry’s Village Pharmacy, (childhood Long Island reference) but it fits on your table. It has a 10″ screen and a custom-made lighted marquee, as well as 6 action buttons and Start and Select.

This arcade is powered by a Raspberry Pi and contains literally thousands of arcade and console games from the 1970s-1990s.

The back panel opens up to reveal all the electro bits (and a fair amount of duct tape). Also inside is a flexible USB keyboard that can turn this arcade into a desktop computer! (Using the Linux operating system) You can access the Raspberry Pi’s USB ports via a hole on the side to plug in a mouse, extra controllers, or a USB-powered beer cooler.

Game Boy Zero

Ah, the infamous Game Boy Zero. This was a very challenging project powered by the Raspberry Pi Zero W, which is an even smaller version of the Raspberry Pi computer.

I modified a Game Boy shell and packed it with extra buttons, a 3.5″ color screen, and a rechargeable battery. There is lots of information out there on how to build these, but it’s not easy!

The GBZ also runs RetroPie, the game emulator software, so it has all the games that the larger arcades have, although some are pretty slow on the tiny Pi Zero.

The back has 2 shoulder buttons, and the “cartridge” contains the PowerBoost (for bumping up the voltage from the battery) and screen controls.

RetroPie Tactical Field Unit

This is a fully portable gaming station, packed in a water- and air-tight case. If your sailboat sinks and you’re stuck in a life raft for three weeks? You’re going to want this unit.

It has 2 game controllers, a speaker, a big battery pack, and a 10″ touch screen. I even put a Bluetooth keyboard in the case, so you can switch from playing games and use the unit as a laptop computer, complete with wireless internet*.
(*Internet may not work in life rafts)

I also made an Instrutable for this one, which you can find at this link here.