Update! Team Dino Issue 2: Secret of the Volcano is coming soon! Available Summer 2021.

Casco Bay Studios is proud to present: Comics! We currently have two comics available for your reading pleasure, the kids’ classic Team Dino #1, and then a horror / sci-fi mini-anthology, Odd Tales.

For the kids, we have Issue #1 of Team Dino, a full-length, full-color, kid-friendly comic about a helpful team of dinosaurs that live in a cave above Mezo Valley, and respond to dino-mergencies with a wide variety of trucks, helicopters and rescue vehicles.

Odd Tales 1 CoverOdd Tales collects two short stories,  Stranded and Space FreakStranded was inspired by a homeless dude I saw with a cardboard sign at an intersection. I thought, “What if he really is stranded . . . ON THIS PLANET?”

Space Freak is a Lovecraftian tale of the horrors that lurk deep in the void — of your mind. Mind. Mind. Mind.

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