Team Dino Series (Kid-Friendly!)

It’s finally here! The all new Team Dino #2 Secret of the Volcano has dropped in the Casco Bay Studios shop. In this issue, the Team has to fight a fire in Compsognathus Crossing caused by mysterious lava bombs; Spike gains clues into the meaning of the strange key she found; Rex gets longer arms; and Lofty and Spine cause chaos!  

Get ’em while their hot!


In case you missed the international sensation* that is Team Dino, you can catch up with Issue #1. Team Dino is a full-length, full-color, kid-friendly comic about a helpful team of dinosaurs that live in a cave above Mezo Valley, and respond to dino-mergencies with a wide variety of trucks, helicopters and rescue vehicles. Written and illustrated by yours truly, Casco Bay Studios founder and chief procrastinator, Ben Williams. 

*Some readers of Team Dino have been to other countries!