Custom Toys by Electro Toy Co.

Has your kid ever asked you for some wacky gadget or cool toy but there doesn’t seem to be anything on Amazon? We can help! From retro gaming stations, to space shuttle mission control boxes, to working toy elevators, we can make it for you.

Electro Toy Co. was the precursor to Casco Bay Studios. Now the only real difference is ETC has its own Facebook page, and a page on this website. ETC specializes in crafting custom-made toys, with an electronic twist. Many of our products feature Arduinos or Raspberry Pi microcontrollers.

Do you have an idea for a cool gadget or toy? Let me know and we can figure it out together! Send me an email at cascobaystudios at gmail

Custom Gadgets

I started experimenting with Arduino a few years ago. These little microcontrollers are super easy to learn and really fun to experiment with. Here are a couple of gadgets I made.

Super Electro Lift 2000

a really cool model elevator

This was a really fun project. The client wanted a functioning 2-story elevator with sliding metal doors. So that is what we delivered!

Check out the videos below of the elevator in action!

Mission Control Center

This was a project I made for my son, and then I was contacted by another dad to see if I could make another one, which I was happy to do!

It is a “light and switch” box, with some fum knobs, switches, and buttons, and of course lots of LEDs. It also has a countdown clock which “launches” the space shuttle when the time hits 0. It also plays some actual launch audio clips while the boosters are boosting.

It can also be customized with mission stickers featuring your last name. Kids love it as a prop for a cardboard rocket ship, or just messing around with on the floor.

Below is a video of Shuttle Mission Control Mark I in action.

Danger Squid

Granular Synthesizer

Retro Gaming Madness

In addition to making my own original gadgets, I also started playing around with the Raspberry Pi single board computer.

These are little circuit boards with a whole computer packed on them. You can make all kinds of things with these guys, but for me the most important function is to load them with THOUSANDS of old video games and make little arcades. Here are a few examples.

Super Arcade Battle Station

Electro Toy Co. Super Arcade Battle Station

This is the big daddy of my homemade arcades. It’s just like an old arcade machine, but it fits on the table. It has a 10″ screen and a lighted marquee, as well as 6 action buttons and Start and Select.

The back panel opens up to reveal all the electro bits (and a fair amount of duct tape). Also inside is a flexible USB keyboard that can turn this arcade into a desktop computer! You can access the Raspberry Pi’s USB ports via a hole on the side to plug in a mouse, or USB-controlled beer cooler.

RetroPie Tactical Field Unit


This is a fully portable gaming station, packed in a water- and air-tight case. If your sailboat sinks and you’re stuck in a life raft for three weeks? You’re going to want this unit.

It has 2 game controllers, a speaker, a big battery pack, and a 10″ touch screen. I even put a Bluetooth keyboard in the case, so you can switch from playing games and use the unit as a laptop computer, complete with wireless internet*.
(*Internet may not work in life rafts)

Game Boy Zero

Game Boy Zero

Ah, the infamous Game Boy Zero. This was a very challenging project powered by the Raspberry Pi Zero W, which is an even smaller version of the Raspberry Pi computer.

I modified a Game Boy shell and packed it with extra buttons, a 3.5″ color screen, and a rechargeable battery. There is lots of information out there on how to build these, but it’s not easy!

The back has 2 shoulder buttons, and the cartridge contains the PowerBoost (for bumping up the voltage from the battery) and screen controls.